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Version Date File Description
1.3 22-Jan-2019 flexiblejdbcrealm-deploy-1.3-all.jar Fix FLEX-11 that provides support for Payara application server as well as glassfish V4.
1.2 29-Mar-2011 flexiblejdbcrealm-deploy-1.2-all.jar Statistics and improved logging.
1.1 22-Jan-2011 flexiblejdbcrealm-deploy-1.1-all.jar Configurable and pluggable caching support.
0.5 12-May-2010 flexiblejdbcrealm-0.5.jar Glassfish V2.1 support. Several bugfixes and minor features. More tests.
0.4 7-Feb-2010 flexiblejdbcrealm-0.4.jar Improved logging and improved internal design.
0.3 15-Feb-2009 flexiblejdbcrealm-0.3.jar Bug fixes.
0.2 6-Dec-2008 flexiblejdbcrealm-0.2.jar Extension with user-specific password seeding as an option.
0.1 29-Jan-2008 flexiblejdbcrealm-0.1.jar Initial version that supports plain passwords and MD5 hex encoding


Since version 1.0, releases are also available on the central maven repository with the following coordinates:

groupId artifactId classifier
org.wamblee.glassfish flexiblejdbcrealm-deploy all

Development snapshots

Download the snapshot.

Subversion repository

The subversion repository is at https://wamblee.org/svn/public/glassfish/flexiblejdbcrealm. You can point your browser or subversion client at this URL to obtain read-only access. Browsing the history of the project is also possible at this location.