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Features in version 0.4

  • Support for any database model for managing users and groups.
  • Storage of passwords as plain text or using any message digest as supported by Java's MessageDigest.getEncoding(String)
  • Optional configuration of the encoding of the password digest. Both hexadecimal and base64 encoding are supported. The default is hexadecimal encoding.
  • Support for a seed in the encoding where the seed for a specific user is retrieved from the database. When a seed is used the password is encoded together with the user-specific seed to prevent dictionary attacks. The way the seed is used together with the password is configured using a format string.
  • When Hex encoding is used, the hex output is always padded with leading zeroes until the result is 32 characters long.
  • Improved logging in the code. Use FINEST level logging to see details.

Next Release


Future features

Configuration of the caching of groups. At the moment no caching is done.