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Flexible JDBC Realm uses a number of MBeans for management and monitoring.

SimpleExpiryCache MBean


This MBean is started by SimpleExpireCache for manipulating the cache.

Autnentication Repository MBean


Two MBeans of are started: one named cached and another named jdbc. The second MBean provides statistics for JDBC access for the operations findPassword (PasswordStatistics), findGroups (GroupStatistics), and findSeeds (SeedStatistics). These statistics can be used to troubleshoot or monitor JDBC performance. The first MBean provides statistics for the same operations but in this time including the effects of caching. This means that in practice the number of invocations measured by the cached MBean will be greater or equal to that of the jdbc MBean.

The following statistics are provided for each operation:

Statistic Description
durationMillis Total (cumulative) duration for the operation in milliseconds.
failCount Total number of times the operation has failed. Failure is interpreted as password or group not found (seed query always succeeds). Also, there the failCount is incremented when an exception occurs (which should never occur in the design).
succeedCount Total number of times the operation has succeeded.

In addition there is an operation to clear statistics.

Glassfish Audit Logging

Glassfish audit logging should be used to detect failed authentication attempts. Since glassfish already provides this functionality, this is not part of Flexible JDBC Realm.